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Rates And Carriers

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Set up Your Account

ParcelPath is 100% free to use, no subscription fee, no per-label fee. You only pay for your postage.

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Pick your carrier

Choose the best carrier for the packages you are sending. No minimums on the number of labels you can print.

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Print and Ship

Print a label with a label printer or your home printer. Drop off or schedule a pick-up at your home or office.

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Integrations on ParcelPath

Pre Set Box Sizes

If you have sizes that you routinely use, this tool will save you a lot of time entering size and weight information on each package. Ensure accuracy with pre-set packages.

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Multiple Locations

Ship from any of the locations you do business from a single platform. You can manage multiple locations from a single dashboard.



Shipping with ParcelPath is seamless. In addition to offering our clients competitive commercial rates with multiple carriers and no minimums, you can get quotes, book pick-ups, schedule deliveries, and print labels straight from your dashboard.


No Minimum Order Quantities. Everyone Can Use Parcelpath

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Save Up To 89% Off Retail USPS Rates. Take Advantage Of Flat Rates With Both USPS And UPS, And Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping.

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