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Can I change the address on a USPS shipping label?

Yes, you can change the address on a USPS shipping label. If you have already printed the label and it has not been used, you can simply cross out the old address and write the new one in its place. If you have already affixed the label to the package, you can cover the old address with clear packaging tape and write the new address on the tape.

If you have not yet printed the label, you can change the address on the label by logging in to your USPS account and accessing the shipping label you want to change. From there, you can edit the address and print the updated label. You can also change the address for a label that has not been used by contacting the USPS directly and providing them with the tracking number for the label.

It’s important to note that changing the address on a shipping label may result in delays or additional fees, depending on the shipping service you are using and the distance the package needs to be shipped. It’s always a good idea to check with the USPS or your shipping provider before changing the address on a label to ensure that it can be done and to understand any potential impacts on the delivery of your package.