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Can I mail candy?

Yes, you can mail candy through the United States Postal Service (USPS), but there are some restrictions and guidelines you need to follow. In general, candy is considered a non-perishable food item, and it can be shipped through the mail as long as it is properly packaged and labeled.

When mailing candy, you will need to use a sturdy box or envelope to protect the candy during transit. You will also need to make sure the candy is sealed and free of any leaks or spills that could damage the contents of the package or the mail. It’s a good idea to include a cold pack or other temperature-controlled packaging if you are shipping chocolate or other types of candy that are sensitive to heat.

In addition to proper packaging, you will also need to label your package as containing food. The USPS recommends using a “Food – Perishable” label, which you can obtain from your local post office or print from the USPS website. You will also need to include a complete and accurate shipping address, along with any special instructions, such as “Fragile – Handle with Care” or “Keep Refrigerated.”

It’s important to note that the USPS does not offer any guarantees for the quality or freshness of perishable items that are shipped through the mail. If you are shipping candy and you want to ensure that it arrives in good condition, you may want to consider using a specialized food shipping service or a courier service that offers temperature-controlled transportation.

By: Parcel Path Editorial Team

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