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Create Packing Slip: A Step-by-Step Guide for Shippers

Create Packing Slip: In today’s digital world, we often overlook the packing slip. But, it’s vital in many ecommerce shipping operations. A packing slip lists everything in a package: item names, SKU numbers, weights, and number of units. It helps check orders, manage items, and spot issues easily. Plus, it helps with customs for international orders. This guide will show shippers how to make and use packing slips well.

What is a Packing Slip?

Definition and Purpose

A packing slip lists all items inside a package. It shows SKU numbers, weights, and dimensions. It helps shipping to know what to send out. Customers use the slip to check if they received everything they ordered.

Difference Between Packing Slip and Invoice

A packing slip and invoice look alike but do different things. The packing slip shows what was shipped. The invoice is about the money and who pays. Sometimes, the bill and the packing slip go to different people.

Importance of Using Packing Slips

Packing slips make sure the right items are in the box for the customer. A packer should check each item before sealing the box. This includes checking the types and amounts of each ordered item. The slip lists everything being shipped, making it a key part of the shipment record.

Tracking and Organizing Items

For large orders with many items or if items are in different places, shipments might be split. This means items are sent in more than one box. A packing slip is critical for keeping track of what goes where. It helps sellers and buyers know what’s coming and when.

Identifying Damaged or Missing Items

If something arrives damaged or goes missing, packing slips help sort it out. They can speed up the process of refunds or sending new items. The slip serves as a clear record of what was packed, aiding in resolving such issues.

Customs Clearance for International Shipments

When shipping abroad, a packing slip could help customs estimate an item’s worth. Still, customs often need a detailed commercial invoice. This invoice provides a more thorough description of the goods within.

Essential Elements of a Packing Slip

Packing slips have important info like the shipping address and order date. They also include contact details. You might need this info for record-keeping or if there’s a problem with your order.

Shipping Address and Order Details

The shipping address and order number are shown on a packing slip. These details are crucial in making sure the package gets to the right person. They also help fix any delivery issues that may pop up.

Itemized List of Shipped Items

An itemized list of shipped items is on packing slips. This list is for customers to check if they got everything they ordered. It keeps orders accurate and acts as a receipt for what was shipped.

Quantities and SKU/UPC Codes

Packing slips show how many of each item was sent out. They also have SKU or UPC codes. These codes help customers know exactly what they received. This is handy for big orders or if you need to return something.

Create Packing Slip

Packing slips can be made by hand or with a computer. Using a system that does it automatically is better. It makes less mistakes and is faster than doing it by hand.

Manual vs. Automated Packing Slip Generation

Some companies make packing slips by hand, but using a computer is better. It’s faster and there are fewer mistakes. The computer system gets the order details right from the order system.

Integrating with Order Management Systems

Connecting packing slips to order systems makes everything smoother. The order details go straight to the packing slip. This way, there are less errors and things go more smoothly. It makes customers happier.

Packing Slip Design and Branding

Packing slips help businesses show their brand and give important customer info. Adding a logo and other brand elements make the whole look professional. This makes customers feel good about their purchase.

Including Company Logo and Contact Information

Putting a logo and contact info like the business name and website on the slip is key. It helps people remember the brand and feel a connection. This way, the order feels special and not just any box or package.

Customizing Templates for Consistency

Businesses use custom packing slip designs to keep their look the same in every shipment. Matching the slip to their brand’s colors and designs creates a strong brand image. This makes a good impression on customers every time they order.

Considerations for International Shipments

When you ship things globally, you must follow certain customs rules. You need to list what’s in the package, how much it costs, and where it’s going. You should also note who’s sending it and to whom it’s going, along with the payment and shipping details.

Customs Documentation Requirements

The export packing list for a worldwide shipment should state the starting point and the end point of the package’s journey. It must also say how many packages are in the shipment. This helps keep things organized and safe.

Be sure to describe what each package contains in detail. This is very important for insurance and the customs. Also, include the size and weight of each package. Doing this helps check if everything is in order along the way.

Language and Currency Formatting

Your packing slips should use the right language and money for the country you’re sending to. This helps customs and the receiver understand better. Make sure to add the commercial invoice number and shipment details. They make it easy to find needed information.

You can find many export packing list templates online. They come as PDFs or Excel files. These lists are key for getting through customs and following the right rules. It’s important to know the rules of both the country you’re sending from and the one you’re sending to.

Also, it helps a lot to work with export packing experts. They can ensure you’re doing everything correctly. They help make sure your packaging and documents meet the shipment regulations.

Environmental Impact of Packing Slips

More companies are looking for ways to be kinder to the planet. They are realizing the harm of using lots of paper. Packing slips, which are paper sheets, add to this problem. So, it’s important for these companies to find green solutions.

Reducing Paper Waste

Packing slips are a big deal because they create a lot of trash. We send out billions of packages every year. Most of this trash, like old packing slips, ends up in landfills or harming nature. Only a tiny bit of the plastic we use is actually recycled, just 9 percent.

Digital Packing Slip Options

One way to help is by going digital with packing slips. Instead of physical paper, companies can send these slips by email or let customers see them online. This cuts down on paper waste a lot. It makes shipping goods more earth-friendly.

Companies can also do other things to reduce waste. Like, they can make it easier for customers to know what they’re buying. For example, they can use great photos and detailed descriptions. They can also give less time for returns, which means less packing and shipping.

Using special label printers and clean delivery trucks are other good ideas. These help companies reduce the bad effect they have on our planet. So, there are many steps companies can take to make their shipping better for nature.

Best Practices for Packing Slip Usage

When to Include a Packing Slip

Packing slips help with business deliveries and shipments with many items. They make it easier to fill orders correctly. It’s best to use them for big or quick orders, or when there are many items.

When to Omit a Packing Slip

For home deliveries and shipments with only one item, you might not need a slip. Also, for private shipments, it could be better not to. Think about if it’s really needed, based on what the shipment involves or its importance.

Sometimes, leaving out the packing slip is the smart choice. This is true for shipments where the receiver can check easily. And if adding more papers could create safety issues, it’s best not to include one.

Businesses should think about the value of packing slips for their types of shipments. They should care most about adding important details for customers. This helps make the delivery smooth and clear for everyone.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Packing slips can make getting a package special. Adding a brand’s touch or a thank-you note can make customers feel happy. This creates a better bond between businesses and their audience.

Personalizing Packing Slips

Adding a company logo and a heartfelt message to a packing slip shows extra care. This detail helps customers remember the brand. It also makes them more likely to share their positive experience with others.

Providing Clear Return Instructions

Having clear return instructions on the packing slip is key. It makes the return process easy for customers. This effort shows businesses care about their customers’ satisfaction.

Custom packing slips are more than just information. They’re a way for businesses to stand out. They help build trust and encourage customer loyalty. This can lead to more success in the long run.

Automating Packing Slip Generation with ParcelPath

ParcelPath, a third-party logistics (3PL) company, helps businesses automate packing slip creation. This is part of their order fulfillment services. Their tech and lower shipping rates make it easier for small companies and people to manage orders. This leads to saving money and working more efficiently.

ParcelPath offers discounts of 50-89% on UPS and USPS shipping rates. So, it’s a great choice for those wanting to cut down on shipping costs. They also have a PalletPath platform that provides big discounts for LTL shipping. This is great for shipping large items or freight.

Using ParcelPath’s solutions, companies can easily automate the packing slip creation. This makes sure things are right and lowers the chance of errors. Offering better service in the e-commerce world means efficient shipping is key.

ParcelPath goes beyond just creating packing slips. They offer live shipping options and rates, label printing, and order tracking. These services help sellers make the shipping process smoother for their buyers. This helps with clear communication and a more personal touch.

In short, ParcelPath’s tech and cheaper shipping options benefit companies, individuals, and homes alike. They make packing slips and shipping smoother and smarter. This means saving money, better organization, and happier customers.


Packing slips are crucial for online shipping. They make sure orders are right, help track items, and spot problems. This improves how customers feel about their purchases. If businesses use packing slips well, they make sending orders smooth and fast.

ParcelPath is great for this. They handle packing slips as part of their top-notch services. With smart tech and lower shipping costs, they help everyone from small businesses to families ship with ease. This boosts how happy customers are and cuts down on costs.

The world of online shopping is always changing. But, packing slips stay important. More businesses are going digital and using the best ways to make packing slips work for them. This helps make shopping online feel more personal and saves on paper, all while doing things better.

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