Deep Discounts For Small Businesses

For small business owners it can be frustrating competing with large businesses who get discounts based on their high shipping volume. In this article we will discuss how you can get the very best shipping discounts so you can level the playing field with the bigger brands and start out with your best foot forward. The first step is understanding the best way to ship your unique product. Shipping discounts are important but equally important is determining the best carrier or carriers for size, weight, and priority level of your product/s.

For a small business, shipping can be very expensive and complicated. Shipping rates and zones are difficult to understand and negotiating with carriers for cheaper rates is not easy, especially if you are new to shipping. In this article we will give you a better understanding of the options available and how to skip the research and get the best possible rates from the very beginning.

Understand your options


For shipments that originate and ship within the US, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is most often going to be the cheapest shipping option. However, this often depends on the size and weight of the packages you ship. It is highly suggested that store owners compare rates and select the best and most affordable shipping option for their business..

USPS offers different rates depending on the volume of shipments you send. Here are the different levels of shipping.

  • Retail Pricing – This is what you pay when you wait in line at the post office to send packages
  • Commercial Pricing – Commercial Pricing is the cheapest USPS pricing, with savings of up to 89% off the retail price you would pay at the post office.
  • Priority Mail Cubic pricing – Cubic pricing offers discounted rates on small packages that weigh less than 20 pounds and are shipped in higher quantities. This is a cost-effective way to ship packages as long as they meet the correct size and weight limit. Typically you would need to be shipping 50,000 packages per year to qualify for this discount.

USPS also offers additional shipping benefits that add value and save on shipping costs you might pay with other carriers. These services include:

  • Shipping supplies you can get at the post office or have shipped to you at no cost
  • USPS tracking (on most products)
  • Free package pickup for certain products
  • No additional charges for residential delivery
  • Saturday delivery
  • Shipping to PO Boxes


UPS offers deep discounts to small businesses via their Digital Access Program. This program is built for shipping platforms who consolidate shipping volume across many different small businesses to negotiate discounted rates with UPS and pass on the discounts. In this scenario the small business does not need to negotiate with UPS and has access to the discounted rates as soon as they sign up.


  • No minimum shipping volume requirements
  • Discounts up to 86% off daily rates
  • 85,000 drop off locations
  • Discounts on surcharges to save money
  • Updated UPS tracking & delivery notifications


Working with ParcelPath you have access to the very best discounts with both UPS and USPS. ParcelPath offers you Commercial Pricing and Cubic Pricing with USPS. ParcelPath is also a Digital Access Platform partner with UPS and offers all the benefits listed in this article. ParcelPath is totally free for our small business clients and we earn money based on the volume we generate for the carriers.

ParcelPath also allows our small business clients to pay for their shipping with a credit card. If you are a small business with a rewards credit card this can generate up to 2% cash back on all of your shipping spend.

ParcelPath also offers the best discount on shipping insurance through it’s partnership with Shipsurance.

As a small business you are looking for a shipping partner that can help you compete with the larger companies and ParcelPath is exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions you can contact us via our Contact page or by reaching out to