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Dimensions of Vinyl Record: Shipping Tips and Tricks

Dimensions of Vinyl Record: Vinyl album sales in the United States reached 43 million in 2022. This number was more than eight times the annual sales just two decades ago. Now, record collectors buy albums online, from the newest to the classics. This makes shipping these delicate items safely very important. This article offers a detailed guide on shipping vinyl records securely.

The Resurgence of Vinyl Records

In 2022, the United States saw a big increase in vinyl album sales. A huge 43 million units were sold. This was more than eight times the sales seen every year from 1995 to 2010. The boost in sales comes from record collectors who love to find new and old vinyl records online, on sites like eBay, Discogs, and Amazon.

Vinyl Album Sales Statistics in the US

In the 1970s, people bought 530 million vinyl albums in the US every year. But by the 1990s, this number dropped to less than 10 million. That’s only 0.1% of the music format market. However, things changed. In the first half of 2021, 17 million vinyl albums were sold. This was an 86% jump from the year before. In 2021, vinyl records outsold CDs for the first time since 1986. They are expected to keep doing better than CDs in sales.

Popularity among Collectors and Online Stores

The love for vinyl records has grown, especially among collectors. They enjoy finding treasures online. For example, eBay has over 2.3 million used records listed by American sellers. Discogs and Amazon also have many, with 5.7 million and 900,000 respectively. This shows the strong love for vinyl and the people behind its revival.

The Importance of Proper Vinyl Record Packaging

Learning how to ship your records safely is key. It greatly cuts the risk of damage or loss. Proper packaging is crucial to ensure the safe delivery of vinyl records. Before shipping, make sure your records are packed well. This helps them get to their destinations without harm.

Risks of Improper Packaging

Bad packaging can cause harm. This includes scratches, warping, or breaking of the vinyl record size. Incorrect packaging might affect the record vinyl measurements and vinyl record diameter. As a result, the record player dimensions and vinyl disc size might be changed, rendering the record unplayable.

Ensuring Safe Delivery

Use the right packaging methods to protect your records. This means your turntable size and vinyl record thickness will arrive safe and sound. Choose materials like rigid-walled mailers, foam, and bubble cushions to guard your records on their journey.

Step-by-Step Guide for Packaging Vinyl Records

Properly packaging vinyl records for shipping is crucial. It ensures their safe delivery. It prevents damage during transit. This factual data gives a detailed guide on the key steps to follow. This is for preparing your vinyl records for shipment.

Separating and Wrapping the Record

First, carefully remove the vinyl record from its sleeve. Then, wrap it in a protective plastic sheet. This keeps the record safe. Next, wrap the record and its cover separately in something soft. Use bubble wrap or foam. Tape the wrapping shut to stop it from opening.

Choosing the Correct Mailer or Box

For shipping, choose a special vinyl record mailer. It’s made for the dimensions of vinyl records. It has extra padding. Or, you can use a strong cardboard box. Make sure it fits the record and cushioning materials.

Securing the Record

Put the bubble-wrapped vinyl record in the mailer or box. Make sure it’s not too tight. Add more bubble wrap or foam to keep it from moving during shipping.

Sealing and Labeling

Seal the box or mailer tight with packing tape. Strengthen the edges. Label the package clearly. Put the recipient’s address, a return address, and “FRAGILE” and “DO NOT BEND” signs. This tells handlers it has a delicate vinyl record inside.

Follow these steps to keep your vinyl records safe. This way, your records will get to their new home in perfect condition. This makes your customers happy. It also helps your online record sales or collection business be more successful.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carrier

Choosing the right carrier for your vinyl records is crucial. It affects their safety, cost, and how fast they arrive. Several important things should guide your choice of a shipping service for your vinyl records.

Pricing and Discounts

Shipping vinyl records can become expensive due to their size and weight. You should look for carriers with flat rates or bulk discounts. This can lower your shipping costs. ParcelPath, for instance, offers lower rates for many shipments, making it easier for you to save money on shipping.

Insurance Options

If you have valuable vinyl records, you must insure them. This is especially true for rare albums. Make sure the carrier you select has good insurance for rare vinyl records.

Tracking Capabilities

Great tracking lets you and your buyers keep an eye on your shipments. With detailed tracking, you can make sure your vinyl records are safe until they reach their destination.

International Delivery Services

For shipping vinyl records overseas, consider delivery speed and customs. A carrier with a broad reach is key. It ensures your international customers get their records on time.

Popular Carrier Options for Shipping Vinyl Records

Choosing the right carrier for vinyl records is very important. It affects how safe, quick, and costly your shipments are. There are many well-known carriers that meet the special needs of people who love vinyl.

USPS Media Mail

Shipping with USPS Media Mail is both affordable and easy. It takes 2-8 business days to get there. This slower speed is offset by its low prices, starting at just a few dollars for one record.

USPS Priority Mail

Need your records fast? USPS Priority Mail is a good choice. It delivers in 1-3 business days. This service includes insurance and detailed tracking, ensuring the safe and timely arrival of your records.


FedEx is known for quick and reliable vinyl record shipping. Their services come with insurance and strong tracking features. If added protection and visibility are important to you, FedEx could be your best option.


UPS, a well-regarded carrier, offers a variety of shipping options. While it’s usually more expensive than USPS, UPS has quick delivery choices, excellent tracking, and international shipping. It’s a versatile pick for different vinyl shipping needs.

Choosing the right carrier depends on what you value most. Think about costs, delivery speed, insurance, and tracking. This will help you pick the best carrier for your vinyl records, ensuring they arrive in perfect shape.

dimensions of vinyl record and Shipping Costs

The dimensions of vinyl record greatly change the shipping cost. The cost to ship a vinyl record can change a lot, ranging from $5 to $20 in the U.S. This depends on the service you choose and how fast you want it. The weight of a vinyl record is important too. A 12-inch vinyl record and its cover usually weigh between 230 grams and 360 grams.

The shipping price can also change due to the shipping company used. It’s also affected by how much it costs to pack each record safely. Then, the shipping gets more costly when sending more records or if you add on insurance. Luckily, places like ParcelPath offer cheaper shipping for small businesses and individuals. This can help save money when sending out vinyl records.

When choosing how to send a vinyl record, its dimensions matter a lot. This includes the vinyl record size, record vinyl measurements, and the vinyl record diameter. Even the vinyl disc size is important to know.

The size of a record player and turntable also plays a role. It affects how thick the vinyl record will be with the packaging. Choices about how to ship are impacted by all these details. And these choices directly affect the cost of shipping.

Packaging Techniques for Multiple Records

When you ship multiple vinyl records, use special packaging. This keeps your collection safe. Two good ways are using LP mailers and custom boxes for shipping many vinyl records.

Bulk Shipping Options

LP mailers have different sizes and styles. They can hold anywhere from 1 to 100 vinyl records. Some have stiffeners for extra protection. Whether you send one vinyl record or many, these solutions work.

Custom-Made Boxes

For many records, custom boxes are great. They keep your vinyl record collection safe. These boxes are made to carry lots of vinyl records. They protect records very well during shipment.

With these packaging methods, your vinyl records will reach safely. This makes both customers and collectors happy. Services like ParcelPath offer cheaper shipping for small biz, people, and homes. This improves shipping for everyone.

Safely Packing Vinyl Records Step-by-Step

Shipping vinyl records needs you to think about the size of the record vinyl and record player dimensions. People who love music keep these vinyl disc sizes close. So, it’s key to pack them with care. Follow these easy steps to make sure your vinyl record size and vinyl record thickness get there safe and sound:

  1. If the record has a printed inner sleeve, wrap the vinyl record in it. Keep the original inner in the outer sleeve. This stops the vinyl record diameter from moving and getting scratched.
  2. Keep the vinyl record out of the outer sleeve. This keeps it from scratching the record or the sleeve.
  3. Put the vinyl record on the outer sleeve. Then cover them with plastic/PVC or bubble wrap.
  4. Next, add two pieces of hard card or record strengthening stiffeners around the vinyl record.
  5. Now, place everything in an LP Mailer. Seal it tight with strong packing tape.

This plan makes sure vinyl records stay safe when shipped. They’ll arrive in great shape. Then, music fans can start enjoying them right away.

The Role of ParcelPath in Vinyl Record Shipping

Vinyl records are making a big comeback. In 2022, the US saw over 41 million records sold. This makes finding good shipping options very important for sellers and collectors. ParcelPath steps in to help by connecting people with the best couriers for sending vinyl records.

Connecting with Courier Services

ParcelPath is great at linking people to many shipping companies. These include USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Using these connections, ParcelPath customers can check different shipping prices and get discounted rates. This makes dealing with vinyl record shipments much easier.

Streamlining the Shipping Process

If you sell vinyl records online or have a big collection, ParcelPath is your friend. It offers bulk shipping options and custom-made boxes to keep your vinyl records safe. These perks ensure your records arrive without a scratch. ParcelPath also gives discounted shipping rates for everyone, thanks to ParcelPath. This means better prices for small businesses and individuals.

Maximizing Profits with Efficient Shipping

Learning to ship your vinyl records safely and efficiently is key. Doing this lowers the risk of damage or loss during transit. This, in the end, helps you make more money as a seller or collector online. Pick the best packaging, carriers, and shipping methods to keep your vinyl records safe. This makes your customers happy and increases their chances of coming back.

ParcelPath offers cheaper shipping for smaller businesses and individuals. Using these affordable shipping options can help you save money. This way, you can earn more from your vinyl record sales and increase your profit.

For both collectors and online sellers, knowing about vinyl records sizes is vital. It ensures your vinyl record collection is shipped safely and at low cost. With good packaging and working with trusted carriers like ParcelPath, your shipping can be optimized. This can help you make more money in the busy vinyl record market.


Vinyl records are coming back in style. This means people need good ways to ship them safely. Knowing the size of the records and the best ways to pack them helps. Sellers and collectors can make sure their music arrives without damage.

Think about how to pack your records well. Pick the right boxes or mailers. Make sure they can’t move around too much. And use shipping that comes with insurance and tracking. These steps can protect your valuable records as they travel.

ParcelPath helps with shipping at lower costs. It makes sending records safer and easier. This way, sellers and collectors can do better business. They can keep up with the growing love for vinyl.

Vinyl records come in different sizes and play at different speeds. It’s important to pack and ship them right. This keeps the music in good shape. And it makes customers happy.

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