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At ParcelPath, we set out to create a platform to help level the playing
field for small and mid-sized companies. The first place we decided to cut
costs was with our platform itself, making it 100% free for everyone to
use. ParcelPath knows that the best way to earn your business is by
putting our best foot forward and making it super apparent that we have
your best interests in mind.

ParcelPath went so far as to eat the cost to process your credit card
payments so you can earn rewards by paying for your shipping with any
rewards credit card you currently use. We appreciate your business.


Shipping with UPS® on ParcelPath

Save on the shipping services your business needs. Get discounts on domestic and international shipping, including up to 78% off on UPS® Ground shipments, up to 69% for UPS 2nd Day Air® service, and UPS Next Day Air® service and up to 86% off international services when you ship UPS on ParcelPath. Merchants can instantly access up to 86% off UPS rates, with zero monthly or per label fees. Businesses of any size, and makers can now combine the power of UPS with ParcelPath’s shipping automation, marketplace integrations, batch processing and rate comparison. UPS and ParcelPath are here to help you take your business to the next level.


UPS® Ground Saver: Efficient, Reliable, and Economical Shipping Solution.

As peak season approaches, cost-effective shipping becomes paramount for merchants. UPS® Ground Saver, now available on ParcelPath, is tailored for economy residential ground delivery, allowing merchants to minimize shipping expenses while maximizing profits during this critical period.


What is UPS 2nd Day Air® service?

UPS 2nd Day Air shipping is an expedited shipping service for businesses that need to deliver products to customers within 48 hours.

What is UPS Next Day Air® shipping?

UPS Next Day Air allows businesses to ship fast and reliable to customers across the US. Customers who print out labels for UPS Next Day Air® using ParcelPath can save up to 69% with free access to the discounted UPS rates.

What is UPS Worldwide Expedited® shipping?

UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping is a UPS service with delivery in two business days to Canada, three business days to Mexico, three to four business days to Europe, and four to five business days to Asia and Latin America. UPS Worldwide Expedited is for shipments that fall outside of time-sensitive, urgent, or emergency delivery requirements. The rates on ParcelPath include door-to-door delivery with in-house customs clearance by UPS Supply Chain Solutions.


What is UPS Worldwide Saver® shipping?

UPS Worldwide Saver shipping is guaranteed delivery to more than 220 countries and territories by the end of the 3rd business day. Delivery is guaranteed on the next business day to Canada and for documents to Mexico, the second business day to Europe and Latin America, and Asia within two to three business days. Rates include door-to-door delivery with routine, in-house customs clearance by UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

Save up to 78% with UPS® Ground on ParcelPath

Take advantage of these huge savings and never pay a monthly or per label with our free shipping platform. No Residential Delivery Fee, and No Delivery Area Surcharge. Big Discounts on Pick-up’s as well. Don’t have a printer at home- Use our Mobile Barcode feature and create a barcode instead of a label. Take the barcode to any UPS Store to have them print your Label for Free. 


ParcelPath gives all users access to Commercial Pricing. This is the lowest price that any platform or company can get with USPS.
There are no deeper discounts on any platform. On many platforms the more you pay per month gives you access to better
discounts. At ParcelPath, you have the very best offered by USPS.

Services Priority Mail®

(1, 2, 3 days on average)
Letters, large or thick envelopes, tubes, and packages containing mailable items.
Priority Mail: an average of 20% off retail, and up to 40% off.

This Also Includes these Flat Rate Shipping Options:

Flat Rate Envelopes (12-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ or smaller): $8.05
Legal Flat Rate Envelope: $8.35
Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $8.80
Small Flat Rate Box: $8.55
Medium Flat Rate Box: $14.75
Large Flat Rate Box: $19.90

Also included in Priority Mail is:

Priority Mail Cubic

This Also Includes these Flat Rate Shipping Options:

First-Class Mail®

(1-3 days)
Postcards, letters, large envelopes, and small packages
First-Class Package Service: up to 31% off the retail price for shipments less than 13 oz.
At least 33% and up to 59% over retail rates for parcels weight between 14 and 15.9 oz.

Priority Mail Express®

(1 or 2 days money-back guarantee)
Letters, large or thick envelopes, tubes, and packages containing mailable items.
Priority Mail Express: up to 17% o

This Also Includes these Flat Rate Shipping Options:

Flat Rate Envelope: $24.90
Legal Flat Rate Envelope: $25.15
Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $25.35

Sample ParcelPath's Carrier Rates

To check our additional discounts the more carriers please click on
“Rate Quote” to see our rate quote calculator.

Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice. To take advantage of these shipping rates, you need an active ParcelPath account.


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Discover how ParcelPath Shipping can
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