How to Ship a Bonsai Tree

In this article we will show you the best way to ship a bonsai tree.
In the pas couple of years lots of people are getting into taking care of Bonsai trees. These beautiful trees are mesmerizing and caring for them is both therapy and very rewarding.

The growing number of caretakers from near and far who want to expand their collections have started to ship a lot more frequently . Shipping Bonsai trees thru USPS or UPS is easy to do but steps must be taken to ensure that the trees arrive safe and healthy.

Make sure that it is legal to ship live plants to the destination you are shipping as certain states prohibit the transport across state lines. You can do this by checking with your preferred shipping company to understand the regulations and restrictions.

Things you will need:

  • Box (with arrows up)
  • Tape
  • Peanuts (plenty of peanuts)
  • Shrink wrap/bubble wrap/Saran wrap
  • Wrap the roots in moist peat moss or paper towels and place in plastic sandwich bags. Secure the bags with tape. If potted make sure that it has been watered recently.
  • Find a box that has arrows pointing up and make sure that you place the base of the plant at the bottom of the box. You can find boxes at most Walmart stores or local hardware stores.
  • Place the tree in an upright position in the shipping box. Make sure the box is not too large or too small. The box should accommodate the tree without damaging the branches.
  • Tape the base of the tree to the bottom of the box regardless if you are taping the bubble wrap or the pot wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • Fill the box around the base with packing peanuts to prevent the tree from moving around the box during transit. You want to make sure that the branches are secure and cannot be damaged. Make sure the peanuts cover the tree completely.
  • Close the box and use plenty of tape to seal it shut.
  • Put the shipping label on the side or top of the package and use either a sticker or write “Live Plants,” “Fragile”. Take it to the drop off location.
  • We suggest using as you will get the best discount on shipping with priority as this is key to the time your tree spends in transit. ParcelPath is completely free to use and will save you over 70% vs buying postage at either the post office or UPS store.
  • Check ParcelPath for the nearest drop off location.

Tip: Only ship out on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure the tree is not stuck in a warehouse location over the weekend.

This is a lot of information but we hope that this helps you ship your tree in the safest and quickest way possible