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How to Ship a Guitar in a Hard Case

What You Need:

  • Packing paper, packing peanuts or other material that will not puncture.
  • A new box with strong structural integrity
  • Packing tape

Do not use any printed paper like newspaper as it could bleed in transit and stain the case. Do not use a thin box as it can easily puncture or loose its structure and make sure you have the right kind of thick tape that will not come off during the trip.

Preparing your guitar for transit.

  • Loosen the strings of your guitar so they are not to tight.
  • Remove the whammy bar and any knobs that can be taken off. Make sure to wrap them in protective bubble wrap and store them in the case so they are not touching the guitar. Take off anything that can be taken off and make sure they are secured within the case.
  • Protect the fretboard with bubble wrap or protective paper to ensure if anything springs loose it will not scratch the guitar. Protect the strings with bubble wrap so if they do adjust they are secured in place.
  • Cover the turning pegs with bubble wrap on both the top and bottom. It is best to wrap the entire portion so that nothing can break or rattle free.

Securing your guitar in the case

  • Fill any space inside the case with packing paper. Again, do not use newspaper, as it can stain the guitar. You should not have any free space around the body or neck and if need be you can also add paper under the body to create a snug fit.
  • Do not add too much paper and cause unnecessary pressure on any part of the guitar including the angled or non-angled headstock. You do not want it to be difficult to close but you are looking for a secure snug fit when closing.
  • Close the case and shake it to make sure that nothing is moving when you do this. If you do hear/feel movement, open it the case and add packing paper to the needed area. Recheck.

Boxing up your guitar

  • Make sure that you have a box big enough to allow for 3-5 inches on all sides of the guitar case.
  • Add peanuts or packing paper to the bottom of the box first to make sure you have coverage on the bottom.
  • We suggest that you add packing paper to all sides of the box and make sure to get as far into the box as you can so that you have even coverage all the way through.
  • Fill the top of the box with peanuts or packing paper to create a snug fit once you close the box.
  • Tape the box shut and pick it up and shake it to make sure everything is secure.

Boxing your guitar

  • Make sure there are no other labels on the box
  • We highly suggest you use to purchase your shipping label. ParcelPath is a free shipping platform and gives you the very best discounts with UPS and USPS. You can easily check the rates before you sign up by simply entering you size, weight and destination zip code to see how much the shipment will cost. We also highly suggest you purchase shipping insurance when you are buying your shipping label.
  • Attach you shipping label and drop at the post office or one of UPS’s 85,000 drop locations. You can find the closest drop off location using ParcelPath.

Now sit back and relax knowing your guitar is on its way and you have packaged it like a professional. You now know how to ship a guitar in a hard case. If you have any questions regarding shipping you can reach out to and we can assist you with any questions you may have.

By: Parcel Path Editorial Team

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