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Manage Shipments

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Batch Shipping

Purchase and print multiple
shipments at once to optimize
shipping process. Download easy to use template and upload
hundreds of records at once. 

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Schedule a Pickup

Schedule pickup to suit your
availability. With multiple carrier options you have peace of mind knowing when each carrier will be at your location.

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CSV Upload Template

Save time and upload orders & product info from order sheets and do away with manual entry. Easy to use template with
accurate shipping quotes.

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USPS Scan Forms

Speed up USPS collections. No
matter if you drop off at the post office or schedule a pick up, anifesting with our USPS scan forms allows a single scan for all of your packages.

Pre Set Box Sizes

If you have sizes that you routinely use, this tool will save you a lot of time entering size and weight information on each package.Ensure accuracy with pre-set packages. 

Multiple Locations

Ship from any of the locations you do business from a single
platform. You can manage multiple locations from a single

Shipping Analytics

Monitor your shipping behavior and see opportunities to improve your sales and profit margin. Save money on shipping that you can use to generate more sales through marketing to customers in a more profitable shipping location.


Payment Methods

ParcelPath shipping platform is 100% free to use and all that you will ever pay for will be the cost of your shipping. We do not have a monthly or per label fee, we do not have any fees whatsoever. Below are the forms of payment you can use to pay for your shipping.

Credit And Debit Cards

Credit Cards

Access To Receipts

You can run reports at anytime and for any date ranges, so you always know exactly how much you have spent on your shipping.
Easily see your monthly spending so you can compare with previous months, weeks, days, you decide.

Shipping Documents

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Create Labels

Shipping labels and customs
forms are all generated for you.
You only print what the carrier
requires. Ship from home printer or 4×6 label printer.

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Address Validation

Reduce the risk of failed
deliveries by ensuring customer
addresses are validated
beforehand. This is free for all

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Quick Quotes

Quickly get quotes on the best
shipping solution for the price
across all of our carriers.

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Shipping Insurance

ParcelPath offers one of the deepest discounts on shipping
insurance through Shipsurance.
Our cost per $100 of insurance is $0.60 and available for all

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