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What are the size and weight limits for shipping with UPS® services on ParcelPath?

UPS has established specific size and weight limits for the packages that you can send with all UPS services. The restrictions listed below pertain to individual packages. There are no limits to the total overall weight of your entire shipment or the total number of packages in your shipment. Shipments larger than the limits listed below will require the use of a freight service. 

  • Packages can be up to 150 lbs (70 kg).
  • Packages can be up to 165 inches (419 cm) in length and girth combined.
  • Packages can be up to 108 inches (270 cm) in length.
  • Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio require special pricing and dimensional weight calculations.
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How to Calculate Dimensions of Package

To calculate the total dimensions of your package to make sure it complies with a total of 165 inches.
  • 1. Measure the three parcel dimensions in inches.
  • Example: 30 inches (Length) x 10 inches (Width) x 10 inches (Height).
  • 2. Add the measurements of the two smallest dimensions together and multiply the result by 2.
  • Example: 10 inches (Width) + 10 inches (Height) = 20 inches. 20 inches x 2 = 40. So, 40 is the girth of your package.
  • 3. To get the Length & Girth calculation, simply take the longest dimension and add it to the girth. This result is the combined length and girth of your parcel to insure it is under 165 inches.
  • Example: 30 inches (length) + 40 inches (girth) = 70 inches (combined length and girth).

Packages that are over 70 lbs

UPS requires that you attach a heavy package sticker to all your packages that weigh more than 70 lbs. These stickers alert UPS employees and your customers that they should be careful when handling. 

Understanding dimensional weight on ParcelPath

To calculate dimensional (DIM) weight, multiply the length, width, and height of a package, using the longest point on each side. Then, divide the cubic size of the package in inches by the DIM divisor to calculate the dimensional weight in pounds.


Package is 30x12x12 or Length = 30 inches, Width =12 inches, Height = 12 inches. Multiply 30x12x12 = 3,320 divided by DIM divisor of 166 = 26.02. You would need to round this up to 27 lbs. Based on the dimensions of the box regardless of the actual weight of the box, UPS calculates the dimensional weight at 27 lbs.