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USPS Label Maker: Efficient Click-N-Ship Printing

Looking to streamline your shipping process? A USPS label maker might just be the solution you need. This handy tool allows you to create and print shipping labels with ease, saving you time and hassle. Say goodbye to handwritten labels and hello to efficiency with a USPS label maker at your fingertips.

Getting Started with Click-N-Ship

Create Account

To begin using the USPS Click-N-Ship service, you need to create an account on their platform. This account will grant you access to the USPS Label Maker services.

Sign up by providing your email address, creating a secure password, and entering your contact details. Once your account is set up, you can proceed to utilize the label maker tools.

Verify Information

Before diving into label creation, ensure that your address and payment information are accurate and up-to-date. Verifying these details will facilitate seamless postage label generation.

Double-check your address for any errors and update any changes if necessary. Similarly, confirm that your payment information is correct to avoid any disruptions during the label printing process.

Explore Interface

Once your account is created and information verified, it’s time to explore the user-friendly interface of USPS Click-N-Ship. This interface provides a straightforward and intuitive platform for users to start printing postage labels.

Navigate through the various features available on the platform, such as selecting package types, entering package details, and choosing shipping options. Familiarize yourself with the layout to efficiently utilize the USPS Label Maker tools.

Order Supplies for Shipping

Request Supplies through USPS Label Delivery

Ordering supplies for your shipments is crucial to ensure a smooth shipping process. With USPS Label Delivery, you can easily request physical labels to print and be delivered directly to your doorstep. This service simplifies the process of obtaining online shipping service materials, saving you time and effort.

By using USPS Label Delivery, you can rest assured that you have all the necessary tools to print your shipping labels. Whether you need basic shipping requirements or specialized shipping labels, this service caters to various needs in the shipping system. It’s a convenient way to stay stocked up on essential supplies for your shipments.

Explore Click-N-Ship Supplies Store

When it comes to stocking up on shipping materials, the Click-N-Ship Supplies store offers a wide range of options to print labels. From shipping boxes to separate shipping labels, you can find everything you need for your shipping label needs in one place. This online store provides easy access to high-quality supplies that meet the shipping industry standard.

Utilizing the Click-N-Ship Supplies store not only ensures that you have the right tools for your shipments but also streamlines the process of obtaining them. Whether you require professional shipping labels or standard shipping label options, this store has you covered. It’s a one-stop shop for all your domestic shipping needs.

Convenient Label Printing Options

Printing labels is an essential part of the shipping process, and with Click-N-Ship Supplies, you have convenient options at your fingertips. The store offers a user-friendly platform for printing usps shipping labels, allowing you to create and print labels with ease. This feature is especially beneficial for those handling priority mail express shipments.

Create and Print Labels

Customize Labels

Customize your labels by uploading files and making bulk edits for a personalized touch. Whether it’s for business or personal use, tailor your labels to suit your needs.

Print USPS Postage Labels

Print USPS Ground Advantage®, Priority Mail®, or Priority Mail Express® postage labels with ease. Ensure accurate shipping details by creating professional-looking labels for your packages.

Delivery Options

Opt for physical labels delivery to your address for a fee. This convenient option saves you time and effort, ensuring you have the necessary labels on hand whenever you need them.

Set Shipping Preferences

Save Preferences

Save shipping preferences such as default return address and reference numbers for quick access. This ensures a seamless process when generating shipping labels in the future. By storing this information, you streamline the label creation process and avoid repetitive data entry tasks.

Personalize Options

Personalize your package and printing options within your Click-N-Ship account. Tailor shipping label options according to your specific requirements, such as package dimensions, weight, and shipping speed. Customizing these settings allows you to meet the unique needs of each shipment efficiently.

Manage Easily

Manage your shipping preferences effortlessly for future shipments. With a few clicks, you can adjust settings, update information, or modify default choices. This feature simplifies the shipping process by providing a user-friendly interface to customize and save your preferred settings for upcoming shipments.

Schedule Package Pickup

Online Scheduling

Schedule free USPS Package Pickup online to streamline your shipping process. Take advantage of this convenient service to have your packages collected from your doorstep without any additional cost. By scheduling online, you can choose a date and time that suits your availability, ensuring a hassle-free pickup experience.

Drop-Off Locations

If you prefer, you can also drop off your packages at designated locations with a shipping label. Package pickups are not limited to just home collections; you have the flexibility to choose the most convenient option for you. Drop-off locations such as USPS post offices and collection boxes provide alternative solutions for sending out your packages efficiently.

Advanced Scheduling

Ensure a smooth and efficient package pickup by scheduling in advance. By planning ahead, you can avoid any last-minute rush or delays in getting your packages picked up. Advanced scheduling allows you to organize your shipments effectively, ensuring that they are collected promptly and delivered to their destination on time.

Add Insurance and Services

Purchase Insurance

When shipping packages using the USPS label maker, purchase additional insurance to protect your items during transit. This extra service, including labeling, is beneficial for businesses sending valuable goods.

Free Insurance Coverage

Take advantage of the free insurance up to $100 provided by USPS for Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and USPS Ground Advantage shipments. This insurance coverage offers peace of mind for businesses and individuals alike.

Special Shipping Requests

For added security and convenience, consider adding Return Receipt or Signature Confirmation™ label to your shipments. These services allow you to track deliveries and receive proof of receipt.

Delivery Instructions

Include delivery instructions for special shipping requests such as leaving the package in a specific location or requiring a signature upon delivery. Clear instructions help ensure smooth and successful deliveries.

Include Delivery Instructions

Specify Preferences

When creating USPS labels, specify delivery preferences like Hold For Pickup or Leave At Door. These options ensure your package reaches the recipient as desired.

Request Additional Services

Request package delivery or other services when creating shipping labels. This can include insurance, special handling, or signature confirmation for added security.

Provide Clear Instructions

To ensure smooth delivery, provide clear instructions online. Include details such as recipient’s address, preferred delivery time, and any specific handling requirements.

Save Time with Ship Again

Resend Shipments

Resend recurring shipments quickly without reentering information. Save time by utilizing the “Ship Again” feature provided by USPS. This option allows you to resend packages without the hassle of inputting all the details again.

Easily resend packages with just a few clicks using the Ship Again option. This efficient tool is particularly useful for businesses that frequently send out similar packages. By clicking on “Ship Again,” you can avoid repetitive steps and streamline your shipping process.

Efficiency Boost

The ship experience is enhanced with the convenience of the Ship Again feature. With just a few simple clicks, you can initiate the shipment process for recurring packages. This saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

  • Pros:
    • Saves time on repetitive shipments
    • Streamlines the shipping process
    • Reduces manual data entry errors
  • Cons:
    • Limited customization options for each shipment
    • May not be suitable for unique or one-time shipments

Return Label Creation

In addition to sending out new packages, the Ship Again feature can also be used for return label creation. If you frequently deal with returns, this tool can simplify the process significantly. By selecting the previous shipment and choosing the “Ship Again” option, you can generate a return label swiftly.

Utilizing the Ship Again feature within USPS Ground Advantage can provide significant time-saving benefits for businesses that handle a high volume of shipments. By leveraging this tool effectively, you can enhance efficiency and streamline your shipping operations.

Understanding Click-N-Ship Rates

Sign-Up Process

To access discounted prices, sign up for the Click-N-Ship Business Rate Card. This card offers reduced rates for Priority Mail, USPS Ground Advantage, and other services. The process is simple and quick.

When you sign up for the Business Rate Card, you unlock a range of benefits. These include discounted rates on shipping services, making it cost-effective for businesses and frequent shippers.

Benefits of Click-N-Ship Rates

One key benefit of Click-N-Ship rates is the cost savings it provides to businesses. By accessing discounted prices through the Business Rate Card, companies can reduce their overall shipping expenses significantly.

Another advantage is the convenience it offers to frequent shippers. With reduced rates on Priority Mail and USPS Ground Advantage, individuals who ship items regularly can save both time and money.

Comparison with Standard Rates

The Click-N-Ship rates are notably lower than standard rates offered by USPS. This difference in pricing makes a significant impact on businesses that ship packages frequently or in bulk.

By utilizing Click-N-Ship rates, businesses can enhance their competitiveness in the market. The cost savings obtained through discounted prices allow companies to allocate resources to other areas of their operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers also benefit from Click-N-Ship rates through faster delivery times and reliable service. With reduced shipping costs, businesses can offer competitive pricing to customers while maintaining quality service standards.

Moreover, the tracking features available with Click-N-Ship services ensure that both businesses and customers can monitor shipments in real-time. This transparency enhances trust and satisfaction among all parties involved in the shipping process.


You’ve now mastered the USPS Click-N-Ship process from start to finish. By following these steps, you can efficiently create labels, set preferences, schedule pickups, and save time with Ship Again. Understanding the rates ensures you make informed decisions while shipping your packages. Take advantage of the convenience and ease that Click-N-Ship offers for all your shipping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with Click-N-Ship?

To get started with Click-N-Ship, visit the USPS website and create an account. Once logged in, you can easily navigate to the Click-N-Ship section to begin processing your shipments conveniently online.

How do I order supplies for shipping through USPS?

Ordering supplies for shipping with USPS is simple. Visit the USPS website, go to the ‘Shop All Products’ section, select the items you need such as boxes, envelopes, and labels, and add them to your cart for checkout.

What is the process to create and print labels using USPS services?

To create and print labels with USPS, log in to your Click-N-Ship account, enter the recipient’s address and package details, select a service type, pay for postage, and then print the label. Attach it securely to your package before sending it out.

Can I schedule a package pickup when using USPS services?

Yes, you can schedule a package pickup with USPS. After creating your label using Click-N-Ship, you have the option to schedule a pickup at your location for added convenience. This service saves you time by eliminating the need to drop off packages at a post office.

How can I save time using the ‘Ship Again’ feature provided by USPS?

The ‘Ship Again’ feature on USPS allows you to quickly repeat previous shipments without re-entering all the details. Simply locate the shipment in your history, review or edit if needed, and proceed to generate a new label for easy and fast processing.

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