Farm to Table

Farmers & Ranchers

ParcelPath works with hundreds of farmers to help them bring their products to market. If you are entertaining a direct to consumer strategy for your farm, ParcelPath is here to help regardless of the platform you use to sell. Our discounts on overnight and 2-day delivery/home delivery are the best you will find. We work with multiple carriers and have negotiated specifically for rural areas to save you money.

Shipping Courses

You do not need to set up a Shopify store to get good shipping rates. You do not need to take a course or belong to a platform with monthly fees to get good shipping rates. Our platform is 100% free and we think that is what is needed right now to help farmers level the playing field and be competitive. There are good strategies that can be learned when shipping perishable products, but the shipping itself should be straight forward.

Combined Volume

ParcelPath’s rates will continue to get better based on the types of shipping done on the platform. Carriers will allow you to negotiate based on the priority levels you use. The more farmers and ranchers we get on the platform that ship in a similar fashion, the deeper we can push those discounts on a given priority selection. If we have massive amounts of overnight shipping on ParcelPath, it allows us to approach the carrier and negotiate around that priority level and thus drive down the cost of overnight shipping.

Getting Started

Getting signed up on ParcelPath takes only minutes. Each farm is approved by ParcelPath within a day. Once you have been approved you are able to log in and start shipping directly from the platform at no cost. The only thing you will ever pay for on ParcelPath is the cost of your label. 

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